My name is Phoebe. 

I make quilts. I make bread. I make cheese. I make soap. And I make lots of messes! Some things have become habits, and others have become never-agains, but if it's something my fore-mothers made, I've given it a try.

I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me as I try new things and try to keep them all together! Mostly you'll see my process here. I find it frustrating when I read a beautiful blog post, but I'm not able to duplicate the craft, recipe or project because the author probably made ten of them before she got it right. I'm not much of a photographer, but I will try to document my steps so you can learn from my successes and my mistakes.

P.S. Above is my Quilted Pig. I found her at an estate sale many years ago, and she has been a faithful companion in my sewing room. She was sewn together by hand and machine from pieces of a quilt top that was also sewn by hand. I wish she was still in the good shape she was in when I took this picture, but there was an unfortunate encounter with a puppy last summer, so she has retired from public life.