Getting married

So, when a good friend from college got married this fall, my husband said WE should make them a quilt. I thought he meant himself and the mouse in his pocket! I asked my friend and her then-fiance each for three colors and was given blue, gray, green, yellow, and red. Quite the challenge! I love how it turned out.

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Getting Off Track

So, Cheryl Sleboda at posted her yearly "blog for 31 days challenge." I'm a wee(k) bit behind, but better late than never I guess. I quilted this customer quilt last week and really like how it came out. The pattern itself is Off Track. My customer said she was good with something simple but I could quilt what I want. Y'all know I don't do simple, right?

Here it is!

Minding the Gap

So when I first read Sunday Morning Quilts, I became very interested in the Original Ticker Tape quilt. But you know I can't do anything randomly. I made a plan to save scraps from all my projects in 2014 and use this quilt as a kind of scrapbook for the year. All year long, I put my small scraps in a zip bag in my larger scrap basket. And since this was such a busy year for me sewing-wise, I had a TON of scraps.

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Creating order from chaos

This quilt has been hanging around my sewing studio for months! It's been up on the design wall. It's been on the floor in hundreds of triangles after I left the window open on a windy day. It's been stacked neatly on my ironing board while I cut and designed something else. With the longarm machine out of the way, there really is no excuse for it not being finished.

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Getting back in the saddle

I've recently moved my longarm quilting machine into a new location! That one small move has generated so much creativity! Since moving it over there just over a month ago, I have completed quilting on two quilts that had been hanging around in my sewing studio for just too long. Below are some pics of the red, white and blue Streak of Lightning. I'm calling it Stars and Stripes Forever because it took so long to finish.

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Making excuses

So every day there is a new excuse:

  • I can't follow my diet plan today because we are going to a party tonight.
  • I can't walk the dog today because I waited too late, and it's already hot.
  • I can't sew today because I need to work on business stuff.
  • I can't quilt today because the house is dirty.
  • I can't do X today because Y.

The list goes on, but the point of the story is that it must stop. I saw something on Pinterest last week that really hit the nail on the head for me.

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Making tabouli

So Monday’s post really got me thinking about how I cook. It is impossible for me to follow a recipe as written. Part of the problem is that my small kitchen doesn’t have room for every single piece of equipment and spice. The other part of the problem is that I would rather use what I have than drive into town for some obscure ingredient that I won’t use all of. I don’t know that this is a bad thing, except when someone reviews a recipe on allrecipes and gives it a bad review because they “followed the recipe exactly, EXCEPT…” THAT drives me crazy. 

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Saving the wine...I hope

So a few weeks ago I made a gallon of peach wine using this recipe. And yes, I was a bad person and let it sit in primary fermentation nearly two weeks though the recipe says just 3-5 days. I have been completely unmotivated to deal with it, partly because it wasn't bubbling the air lock like I'm used to, and partly because I've been busy canning and dealing with other fresh things.
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