Making excuses

So every day there is a new excuse:

  • I can't follow my diet plan today because we are going to a party tonight.
  • I can't walk the dog today because I waited too late, and it's already hot.
  • I can't sew today because I need to work on business stuff.
  • I can't quilt today because the house is dirty.
  • I can't do X today because Y.

The list goes on, but the point of the story is that it must stop. I saw something on Pinterest last week that really hit the nail on the head for me.


Hopefully the ladies at Making Things Happen won't mind my ripoff of their image, but I did add a link back to their site to the thumbnail above if you want to check out their site.

I will tell you that starting to write again on this blog was a first step for me. I call it a vanity project, but I think it's also the creative word outlet I need. If someone stumbles across it, I hope they will enjoy my tales of adventures and misadventures. Either way, it was a step past the excuses.

And putting those excuses into written word is my next step. So for now, I am off to sew and think about all the dreams I will accomplish as I step past my excuses.